Contact Information and buying

Payments I accept are: IBAN ( bank transfer ), or cash via mail (at your own risk!).
If you want to pay via PAYPAL then you must add 3 % of total price to fill in the fees taken by PayPal.
Also, remember to ask for payment details if you want to pay via paypal.

Trades are also possible, if you come up with the right stuff.
However, please specify the price and quality of the record when making the offer.

Postages will be added to the price.
I will always send the package as registered, unless otherwise specified.

I can be contacted via this @mail:
I also receive lists via this @mail.

Grading and Information about the records

The gradings I usually use are: M , EX , VG , sometimes with a plus or minus, which I use to give a more precise grading for the record and its cover.

A record also has its band/artist named first, then the name of the record itself (named "same" if the name of the record is identical to the artist or it has no name), the pressing information, a grading with two grades with the record itself being the one graded first, then the cover afterwards, the price in euros (or offers) and finally any additional information regarding the record. Pictures of the cover of the record and the record itself are also included.

For Reference, Gradings used here are also used by the Record Collector Magazine.
A copy of the grading list from the RC-website is also included below.

Record Collector's Rating System

  • Mint (M)
  • The record itself is in brand new condition with no surface marks or deterioration in sound quality. The cover and any extra items such as the lyric sheet. booklet or poster are in perfect condition. Records marked as Sealed or Unplayed should be Mint.

  • Excellent (EX)
  • The record shows some signs of having been played, but there is very little lessening in sound quality. The cover and packaging might have slight wear and/or creasing.

  • Very Good (VG)
  • The record has obviously been played many times, but displays no major deterioration in sound quality, despite noticeable surface marks and the occasional light scratch. Normal wear and tear on the cover or extra items, without any major defects is acceptable

  • Good (G)
  • The record has been played so much that the sound quality has noticeably deteriorated, perhaps with some distortion and mild scratches. The cover and contents suffer from folding, scuffing of edges, spine splits, discolouration, etc..

Common abbreviations

  • D/LP
  • Double LP

  • OFFS
  • Offers invited

  • DEMO
  • Demonstration disc

  • WOL
  • Writing on label

  • WOC
  • Writing on cover

  • TOC
  • Tear on cover

  • Promotional record

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